GBCA Icicle 3

2015Icicle3Finish-cropped-webSaturday January 16, three J/105s dominated Galveston Bay's third Icicle Series Race. In somewhat cool 50+ degree temperatures and 15-20 knot winds, Uzi Ozeri's Infinity, Bee Bednar's Stinger and John Barnett's Vici hit the line in for a picture perfect start. Amazingly, Vici managed to hold her genoa in the strong winds. She did lose some ground during the beat on the first leg, but holding that genoa was to turn out to be a brilliant choice. Stinger rounded the first mark approximately one boat length ahead of Infinity and two boat lengths ahead of Vici. As if by magic, the winds dropped dramatically down to the 5-10 knot range, and the big genoa on Vici proved to be the proper weapon to conquer Stinger and Infinity. As far as they were concerned, first place among the 105s was settled. Stinger and Infinity rounded the third and final mark together heading toward the finish 3.5 knots away and hoisted their jumbo kites. From that point on, the two boats sailing on starboard with Infinity on the leeward side were in a virtual tie until just before the finish. In the controlling position, Infinity held Stinger out until the last minute, but after the final gybe, Stinger managed just enough extra speed to eek out the victory. Over 60 boats, of varying vintages and styles, competed in this race. The three 105s Vici, Stinger and Infinity, finished 1, 2 and 3, followed by 2 J/109s. It's safe to say that a good time was had by all.

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