Chesapeake Championship

The J/105s held their Chesapeake Bay Championship October 29-30 at Annapolis Yacht Club. Competition was tight between John White's 33 THOUSAND EMAILS and Andrew Kennedy's BAT IV. Kennedy had three bullets in five races, and was on top for the weekend. But, it all came down to the final race, and Kennedy fell to fifth place, allowing White to come in on top by just a point. The balance of the top five was a three-way battle. The teams—Lewis/Salvesen’s MIRAGE, Ben duPont’s CTRL ALT DEL, and Hugh Bethell’s JESTER—all traded off top five finishes in the five races sailed. In the end, the final race also determined the outcome of this trio, with MIRAGE taking the bronze, duPont settling for fourth and JESTER in fifth. For complete results, click here.

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