J/105 Rules Proposal Approvals

On 4/15/19, the Executive Committee of the J/105 Class Association voted to change Class Rule 7.1 to increase the maximum crew weight to 500 kg. Although this Rule change will not take effect until 2020, your fleet can request, under RRS 87, to utilize the crew weight of 500 kg for the remainder of 2019 for events other than Regional or National Championships. To do so, e-mailĀ howell@j105.org. Also, Class Rule 6.5.3 will be changed to read: "The jib shall have a minimum weight of 9.0 kg (19.8 lb), including any battens." Minutes of the meeting can be viewed on the Class Business page. You must log-in to view atĀ http://archive.j105.org/membership/login.php

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