Fun J/Fest Southwest Regatta

According to Scott Spurlin, J/Dealer in Texas, "The J/Sailors in Texas needed this event! The enthusiasm to get out on the water was over the top! On Friday, the rain was coming down and the gusts were in the 40s, and people still trailered their boats in. We delayed the start on Saturday to give them time to set up and launch. Then we had a full weekend of racing." The J/Fest Southwest Regatta celebrated its 11th anniversary with over 70 boats. The J/105 fleet saw a few duels taking place at the top of the leaderboard. Winning the regatta by just one point was Ken Horne's FINAL FINAL over Bill Zartler's DEJA VOODOO. The bronze medal battle went to the final race and ended up in a tiebreaker at 24 points each. After the countback, the bronze was awarded to John Bell's KINDERSPIEL 2 over Bill Lackenmacher's RADIANCE. Taking fifth place was Uzi Ozeri's BONBON. For more J/Fest Southwest information, visit

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