Conanicut Round Island Race

The 2021 edition of one of New England's more famous round island races took place on Labor Day Sunday. The 21.0nm Round Conanicut Island Race was hosted by Conanicut Yacht Club for a fleet of 77 boats. Crews enjoyed the relatively fast race in the 8-15 kts southerly breeze. While it was a little gray and overcast, it was a classic race going clockwise around the island. A short beat from the start off Jamestown to Beavertail Point, rounding it to starboard, then a long spinnaker run down the west passage to the northern two buoys, then back down Narragansett Bay's East Passage to the finish just past the Newport Bridge. The J/105s led a sweep of the 10-boat PHRF F Division. Winning was Sean & Susan Doyle's KESTREL, with Matt Schmitt's HARDTACK taking the silver. For more Conanicut YC Round Island Race information, visit

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