2nd JIB OR SPIN HALYARD [revised 12/2/22] (2000-06-09)
Q1: Can you use a second jib halyard to rake the mast forward while sailing downwind?
A1: No, the second jib halyard is optional equipment not available to all sailors.  Since it is not available to all sailors, a second jib halyard or a second spin halyard is not allowed for any purpose while racing under the class rules.  The second jib or spin halyard must be removed.  A messenger line may be left in place to allow the halyard to be re-run easily but cannot be used including in the event of loss or breakage of the first jib or spin halyard.  It would still be an advantage to allow a boat to use a messenger line to rapidly reeve a new halyard when boats without a messenger would be forced to return to the dock to reeve another halyard and thus more likely to miss the next race(s).

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