Q1: Under class rule 3.5, the ExCom is the “final authority” in determining a competitors status “within the spirit of the class rules,” notwithstanding an ISAF ruling. Is this “final authority” intended to permit the ExCom to determine that a competitor who has been categorized by ISAF as Group 2 or 3 for purposes of J/105 class racing is a Group 1 or 2 instead?
A1: It is the primary intention of this ExCom authority to permit, in appropriate cases, reclassification of persons who are categorized by ISAF as Group 1 or 2 as Group 2 or 3 instead, rather than to relax ISAF determinations. Thus, the ExCom’s authority under the rule is primarily intended to catch people who slip through the ISAF “net,” not to make exceptions for people who are clearly pros and whom ISAF determines to be such.

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