RUNNING RIGGING REQUIREMENTS [amended July 7, 2004] (2002-02-12)
Q1: Is it permissible to modify the jib, main and spinnaker halyard setup or to modify other running rigging (such as sheets) by
(1) using lines of a different manufacturer than supplied by JBoats?
(2) using “higher tech” line than what comes with the boat?
(3) using a smaller diameter line or stripping the cover of the existing halyards?
(4) using a 2:1 purchase system for jib or main halyard?
A1: Rules 1.3 and 5.1 refer to “standard specifications published by J Boats, Inc.” and “standard factory supplied furnishings and equipment” and generally prohibit any change unless otherwise permitted by the class rules. Currently, JBoats does not publish standard sizes for halyards in its specifications for the J105, but specifies that the standard line package includes “Aracom T Main and Jib Halyards, . . . polyester . . . spin halyard.” In the past, JBoats has changed running rigging sizes and types frequently, yet the published specifications of the boat did not consistently include the details on running rigging. Thus, the Technical Committee believes that the class rules generally are not intended to restrict the size or type of running rigging used on our boats. Note, however, that class rule 5.4.4. specifically prohibits the use of “light air” spinnaker sheets (meaning additional spin sheets used only in light air).

Thus, the answer to questions (1), (2) and (3) is YES. Note, however, that it is not recommended to strip covers of halyards where they go over the sheaves at the top of the mast.

Adding a 2:1 purchase to the halyards would typically require the addition of a block to the head of the jib or main, as applicable. There is nothing in the class rules that would permit this addition. Even if no additional block is added, a 2:1 purchase is inconsistent with the standard setup of the J105. Hence, in either case, the answer to question (4) is No.

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