Q1: What is the meaning of “long-term shipmate and friend” in rule 3.4?
A1: It has often been said that the J/105 class is an “owner/driver” class, and most J/105s are in fact driven by their owners. However, Rule 3.4 establishes two exceptions to an owner/driver requirement. It provides that the driver of a J/105 must be either an Owner (as defined) or a Group 1 competitor who is either (a) a member of an Owner’s immediate family or (b) “a long term shipmate and friend” of an Owner. Note that for either of the exceptions in clauses (a) and (b) to apply the driver must be group 1 competitor. Note also rule 1.1: “These rules are to preserve J/105’s recreational features . . . while maximizing participation at J/105 events.” In light of the foregoing, in the view of the TC, the exception for a “long term shipmate and friend” must be narrowly interpreted. In particular, it seems inconsistent with the language of the exception and rule 1.1 to permit owners to hand the helm of their boat to a casual friend and “ringer”

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