DEFINITION OF “EVENT” (2002-12-19)
Q1: What is the meaning of “event” in rule 6.3?
A1: Rule 6.3 provides in relevant part: ” Sails carried aboard, or used during a class event shall be limited to one mainsail, one jib and two spinnakers ….” This rule is designed to prevent the use of “light air” and “heavy air” jibs and mainsails by requiring that only one each be used during any series of races that is scored as one regatta. Therefore, in the view of the TC, “event” ordinarily must be interpreted to include each day of a multi-day regatta, even if there is a lay day. On the other hand, if a regatta spans more than one weekend, each weekend should be considered a separate event. In addition, for purposes of a regatta series that spans all or part of a season (such as a traditional “fleet championship”), each part of that series that is scored separately by the organizing authority is considered an “event” (subject to the “multiple weekends” exception).

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