Q1: If a boat had one full sized, class legal 89 square meter chute on January 1, 2003, may the owner purchase another 89 m2 under rule 6.6.4?
A1: No. Rule 6.6.4 permits no purchases of chutes for a boat that had one or more 89s at the beginning of 2003.

Rule 6.6.4 reads as follows: “If a boat does not have at least two full sized, legal 89 m2 spinnaker on January 1, 2003, one or two 89 m2 spinnakers, as applicable, may be purchased before December 31, 2004 to make up the deficiency. If an additional spinnaker may be purchased under rule 6.8 on January 1, 2003, the number of sails that may be purchased under this rule 6.6.4 will be reduced by one.”

The second sentence of 6.6.4 reduces the number of sails that may be purchased under rule 6.6.4 by one. This is because, under rule 6.8 as it was in effect on that day (and still is), an owner was permitted to purchase at least two sails during 2003, one or both of which could be spinnakers. (The second sentence of rule 6.6.4 is phrased the way it is because when 6.6.4 was adopted as part of the 2002 rules changes, it was unclear whether new rule 6.8

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