BARBERHAULING (2005-12-13)
Q1: On January 1, 2006, rules 5.3.8 and 5.3.10 about permissible barberhauling of the jib sheet are changing in relevant part as follows: “trimming the lazy windward jib sheet, but no additional equipment or running rigging for barberhauling the jib inboard is permitted.” What is now permissible under these rules?
A1: The only barberhauling that is permissible involves trimming the windward jibsheet in its usual position for upwind sailing. In other words, the lazy sheet must go from the clew around and forward of the mast to the jib sheet block on the windward deck and from there back to one of the windward winches (directly or through the windward jib/spin sheet foot block), without any intermediate turns or leads. Any other arrangement would not involve “trimming the windward sheet” and, therefore, would be prohibited, including arrangements that go through the handrails. Note the rationale for the rules change, as stated in the Discussion portion of submission 3 in the 2004 rules proposals: “This submission would clarify what is permitted for barberhauling the jib outboard and would prohibit separate concoctions to barberhaul the jib inboard. The Executive Committee believes that the various barberhauling arrangements in use by some boats complicate the boat unnecessarily and are therefore inconsistent with rule 1.1.”

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