Soft Shackles

Q1:  Is it permissible to use spectra shackles in place of stainless steel shackles?
A1: Yes. Soft shackles may be used anywhere stainless steel shackles are used. This includes not only sheet, halyard, and outhaul attachments, but also “Ti-Lite” and similar blocks designed to be lashed rather than shackled. This rule interpretation supersedes RI-02-15.

Q2: Is it permissible to replace the boom bails with strops?
A2: Yes, the boom bails can also be removed and replaced with strops. Although not required, owners are encourages to have these strops professionally installed due to the high shock loads these strops must handle and the need to ensure they do not slide along the boom.

Q3: Is it permissible to use a strop to attach the mainsheet blocks to the traveler?
A3: Yes. This rule interpretation supersedes RI-02-01. Essentially, a strop could be considered a very long soft shackle. As with boom strops, it is recommended that such a strop be professionally installed to handle the high shock loads it will experience.