Equipment Required by Exhibit 7.3C of the Class Rules

Q1: The Class Rules require an anchor with attached chain and/or rode to be on board at all times while racing. What type and size of anchor is required?

A1: It is not possible to specify a single type and size of anchor that is required. There are many different types of bottoms and anchoring conditions that a boat may encounter. The anchor and rode must be appropriate for a J/105. In reviewing what other Classes require, a minimum anchor weight of 4.5 kg (10 lb.) and a minimum anchor + rode/chain weight of 7.25 kg (16 lb.) is appropriate. For the required rode, a minimum rode length of 40 meters is suggested but not required. Keep in mind that an anchor and rode, like most of the required equipment, is a safety item, and cutting corners is a safety risk. See the Fall 2016 Class newsletter for more discussion of suggested anchors and rode.

For purposes of Class Rules compliance, the requirement is that the anchor + rode/chain weigh at least 7.25 kg (16 lb).

Q2: What are the requirements for the functionality of required equipment?

A2: Required equipment must be functional for the intended purpose. Examples are:

  • Flares must not be expired.
  • Fire extinguishers must be charged.
  • The battery must be capable of starting the engine.
  • The VHF and GPS must work.
  • The flashlights must have batteries and work.

Q3: Does my smartphone qualify as basic nav gear?

A3: Yes, if you have some sort of chartplotter software and appropriate maps downloaded on it. Apple Maps or GoogleEarth do not count. Although most J/105 racing is conducted within range of cell towers, the software must be capable of functioning without a cell signal/data connection.