20-03 SMALL ON-DECK CHANGES (Revised April 2, 2021

Q: I see a bunch of boats that have done little changes to their deck and rigging that don’t come standard with the boat. Are those legal and if so which ones?

A: At the 2019 Annual Executive Committee meeting, the Executive Committee acknowledged that there are a fair number of little “helpful things” that owners do that aren’t necessarily strictly in accordance with the rules. And these things have been done almost since the boat was first sailed. The Executive Committee gave the Technical Committee authority to approve those changes as long as they were in keeping with the spirit of the boat, i.e., changes that did not add complexity or expense, and made sailing the boat easier. Therefore, the Technical Committee has approved the following “helpful things” as class-legal.

• Rub strakes anywhere on deck
• Line bags positioned anywhere desired
• Foredeck cleat covers and/or fairlead covers (They must be readily removable to permit use of the cleats and fairlead when docking or mooring.)
• Winch handle holders positioned anywhere desired
• Lifeline cushions
• String tied above the “V” in the shrouds directly above the lower spreader
• Backstay adjuster ruler (or similar device)
• Bungee lines in front of primary winches (to help ensure a fair lead to the winch)
• Mast “fairlead” line. (A line may be attached around the mast below the boom but above the turning blocks to help prevent line hockles at the turning blocks)
• Lazyjacks

This list may be modified periodically as suggestions for additions are made to the Technical Committee. Any additions to on-deck hardware and lines not explicitly approved remain illegal.