Q1: I can’t find a replacement U-bolt for the a-sprit tip with a shoulder on the legs. What are my options?

A1: There have been at least three different a-sprit end cap designs used over the years. One option would be to replace your end cap with a different end cap that doesn’t use the U-bolt design with the bolt diameter shoulder on the U-bolt legs, of which there is at least one. There is another end cap design that uses a strop that comes out of a hole on the sprit centerline. The other option is to replace the U-bolt with a short high modulus line strop. If you use a strop, smooth the hole(s) in the sprit that the strop runs through and be watchful for chafe on the strop.

Q2: Do I have to run the tack line through a block on the end of the a-sprit?

A2: No. You can use a low friction ring in lieu of a block if you wish or you can run the tack line under the U-bolt with no block if you desire.

Q3: Beyond replacing the block on the end of the sprit, can a low friction block be used as a replacement for blocks elsewhere on the boat?

A3: Low friction rings may be used as a replacement for a block anywhere a block is used on the boat.