Q: Can I use a lashing to tension my lifeline?

A: For safety, crew comfort and racing consistency, J105 lifelines must be tensioned to meet the specification in J105 rule 7.11 and RRS rule 49.2, which is tested using the procedure in RI-22-02. Two options are commonly chosen to adjust lifeline tension a) metal turnbuckles and b) UHMWPE (Spectra, Dyneema etc) lashing. Lashing is favored by some skippers because it can be cut with a knife in a time-critical emergency, but is also prone to stretch and creep, making frequent maintenance necessary and initial setup to the rule can be more challenging. If a lashing is used, it must comply with World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations section 3.14.3 e), which states that the lashing may not exceed 100mm in length. The remainder of the lifeline must be stranded stainless steel wire and associated fittings.