0.5 OZ SPINNAKER CLOTH (1999-04-28)
Q1: My sailmaker told me about a 0.5 oz spinnaker cloth, that when coated actually weighs 0.75 oz. Is this legal to use?
A1: No. Almost all 0.5 oz spinnakers weigh about .75 when complete, just as most 0.75 oz kites actually weigh 1.0 – 1.1 oz per square yard when finished. The intent of the rules is to use Nylon that’s commonly marketed as 0.75 oz (manufacturer’s quoted ply weight- uncoated). This equates to a minimum finished weight of approx. 42 grams per sq. meter (the same minimum weight spec in the J/24 class rules). To eliminate any confusion, the minimum finished cloth weight will be published in the rules during the next review. [Note: See also revised Rule 6.6 which addresses this issue.]

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